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Sheep's Head seaweed

Actual seaweed isn’t used very much in candles because its scent is, to some, a bit strong. In this candle, seaweed absolute is contrasted with cassis and made alive with crisp pine and a fresh sea breeze accord.


Seaweed absolute

Cassis buds

Coastal pine

Bay leaf

Jasmine sambac

Sea breeze accord

Where we love burning it

Sheep's Head Seaweed is interesting, because it tends to energize and invigorate in calm environments, while clearing the head in tense or stressed ones. I think this makes sense, because the sea also shares these qualities. 

What would West Cork be without its abundance of open sea? What would this candle collection be without a scent to try to capture that? When I started the Beara Breeze Brand in 2018, I was sure that I wanted to spend a long time doing a great marine scent.

Seaweed absolute on its own is a pungent, dark green mass and is made by a solvent extraction of Fucus Vesiculosus primarily found on Atlantic shores. Only a tiny amount is required in this formula to impart an intense saltiness, to which I added blackcurrant bud materials which add fruitiness, and pine, which lends freshness. The scent is completed with spices, florals and a material called Calone, which is actually released by some marine algae as a communication signal! 


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