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Rerrin Rose


Wild rose



Spinach leaf absolute


Mohair wool accord

Rose is a very popular smell, but too often it is warped and contorted into a cartoonish, overly-idealistic version of itself. Here, the rose is presented in its natural environment; surrounded by dense briar and even the occasional passing goat.

Because I wanted to get it just right, the journey of creating Rerrin Rose was a long one. Many people almost have two concepts of a rose smell: the often 'perfect' rose experienced in shampoos and perfumes, and the real experience of smelling a rose while eg. out walking. In this candle, I challenged myself to capture the latter idea!

The interesting thing about constructing this fragrance was that it was, in a sense, made from the outside in. Instead of starting with a general rose accord and embellishing it, I started with the surroundings like grass and ivy, geranium oil and beeswax absolute. Then, towards the end, a rose shaped void presented itself. In it went!

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