Capturing the ‘old church’ smell that many love, this candle ties traditional incense with spicy sandalwood and pairs them with rosy peony and a collection of materials which evoke the smell of old books.  


Churches have inspired feelings of spiritual awe for as long as they have existed, and I think that part of that is communicated to the recognizable smells found within such buildings. 

The main elements of Castletown Crypt are meant to smell a little like old, dusty books read by candlelight, the shadows flickering against cool, cavernous stone walls. Interestingly, old paper often smells like musty vanilla, because the lignin in the book fibers is converted to vanillin when the books age. 


It was around this book accord that I arranged things like the smell of varnished wooden pews and the incense in the air.

Castletown Crypt

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  • Notes

    Old book accord




    Oud wood

  • Where we love burning it

    Castletown Crypt is great to burn during Autumn and Winter, when the days grow short and when you want to curl up with a book. 

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