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In this candle, shivering orris root meets powdery hawthorn, all resting on petrichor and moss: Glengarriff Granite is a celebration of the overcast; a candle not to counter rainy days but to embrace them.

Burning this candle feels like being enveloped in a giant fluffy cloud: it's comforting, but at the same time very close to nature. 





Granite dust accord



Capturing the 'scent' of cold stone was always going to be a challenge: stone yields no aromatic extract whatsoever. Thankfully, in perfumery, much headway can be made by looking at associations - particular materials that somehow smell cool, others that have a powdery connotation. By combining these in new ways, I was able to conjure the feeling of granite. 

The main materials I chose for this task were in the  Iris/orris family. Orris butter, a wonderful but expensive substance made from the dried aged roots of the Iris plant, is joined by musk. Modern synthetic musks are  safer and more ethical than their historical for-bearers (which were procured at great cost to Musk deer) and give the scent a warm, cozy aura.

To give the orris accord an underground friend, I paired it with Vetiver, a warm rooty oil.


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