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Candle Care

A well cared-for candle will scent your home with beautiful fragrance for many hours.
Here are some tips to get the most out of it.


Wick Length

We've found after many tests that our candles are happiest when their wicks are about 7mm long. Oddly specific, we know, and we don't expect you to get out a ruler each time, so consider that the ideal is about the diameter of a pea. Trim your wick to this length with strong sharp scissors or a wick trimmer for clean, smokeless burning.


Burn length

Candles need to rest sometimes, too.

It's actually the constraints about wick length above that set some sensible limits on how long you should burn your candle: if you burn the candle for too long (more than 2-4 hours), the amount of wick burning slowly gets longer and longer, until the flame becomes smoky and potentially dangerous. 

If you notice that your wick has grown too large or is bending over, sniff out the flame, snip it, and relight. 


Know when to stop.

Burning the candle until the very last drop of wax isn't wise: the flame tends to heat up the bottom which could cause the container to break. When the wax level goes gown to around 5mm, extinguish the candle for good.

See our Candle Decommissioning Guide for some ideas for giving your candle jar a happy retirement. 


Basic safety

We recommend burning your candle on a heatproof surface and away from pets, flammable materials and other candles. Refer to the safety info on the bottom of your candle for more.

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