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Adrigole Ambergris

Inspired by a found piece of Ambergris on the Adrigole shore, this candle celebrates an exceedingly rare waxy substance produced by the sperm whale which has been prized for centuries for its sweet, slightly salty smell.


Ambergris tincture


White musks

Golden woods

Tonka bean

Where we love burning it

Adrigole Ambergris is quite a comforting scent, with its crystalline sweetness and sunny warmth. I love burning it in the living room or the bedroom particularly, but it would work in most areas. 

The aim with this candle was to bring people something different - a scent that is odd but strangely comforting. The main part of the scent is ambergris*, which is joined by driftwood aromas and the sweetness of Vanilla and Tonka bean.  






*People often seem initially alarmed when I tell them about ambergris. Sperm whales eat cuttlefish, but are unable to digest their hard bony beaks and so secrete a waxy substance in their digestive tracts to coat the beaks. These lumps are excreted and float on the sea for many years - initially they smell rather unpleasant, but over time, the wax is baked by the sun and infused with the smells of the sea. Occasionally, it turns up on beaches, where it can be tinctured in alcohol to release its scent. 


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